CVPR20 FAQ, updated March 11, 2020

CVPR20 FAQ, updated March 28, 2020

Which authors will be allowed to do remote presentations? Is it only those with visa issues?

If CVPR20 is a purely virtual meeting all presentations will be pre-recorded so this will not be an issue.

If CVPR20 is a hybrid meeting (with a physical as well as virtual presence), remote presentations will be allowed by any author.   

Details about remote presentations for a hybrid meeting, including potential increases in registration rates for remote presenters to cover extra costs incurred, are still under discussion.

CVPR20 FAQ, updated March 20, 2020

CVPR 2020 is still scheduled to be held as planned, beginning June 14, 2020  

CVPR will happen and the accepted papers will be published as usual. The physical CVPR meeting will take place unless  safety/health regulations requires that it be cancelled, this decision is up to health professionals.  The current large event ban in Seattle runs through April 9 and will likely be extended on a rolling basis; however a decision to extend it through CVPR is unlikely before May.  The organizers are developing remote participation options that will be effective in either a hybrid or fully virtual meeting.  Many other events have been impacted and we expect to learn from their experience.  We will share a broad update and plan as soon as we know more.


CVPR20 FAQ, updated March 11, 2020

Is CVPR 2020 still on?
Yes. The organizers and sponsors are actively monitoring this situation and planning contingencies. CVPR is in June and we can expect a lot of news between now and then. Please avoid emailing committee members and chairs with questions that can wait until more is known in May.

How will remote presentations be handled for authors that cannot get a travel visa or for which there is a COVID-19 travel ban?
Every paper is required to have a registered author, so at least one author should register and apply for visas as soon as possible. Any author who has promptly applied for a visa that is subsequently denied/delayed, or authors impacted by a travel ban, will be allowed to do a remote presentation. The exact process for remote presentation of talks and posters is still being researched, and authors will be informed as we know more.

Will the camera-ready or other main conference deadlines be extended because of COVID-19? Will the proceedings be published as usual?
There will be no deadline extensions. Proceedings will be published on IEEE Xplore and the CVF open access site as usual.

Will oral presentations be based on videos as in the past few years? If so, can I record my voice on them for my remote presentation?
Orals will likely use video-based presentations for the authors' slides. The talk length and details on voice-over issues have not yet been finalized. It is likely remote authors will be able to record their voice, or to use an alternative native speaker. (Please no computer-generated voiceovers). All authors will be notified via CMT when decisions on presentations are made.

Will there be support for remote attendance/registration?
Yes. Remote attendance options are currently being explored and details will be posted as our research on the topic continues. CVPR's registration rate for this year already factored in a significant reduction in food costs. The remote registration rate will need to account for the costs of live streaming and other remote presentation expenses, which are currently unknown.

What is the refund policy if people cannot attend?
Individual registration refund requests before May 26 will incur a $65 processing fee.

Will workshops/tutorials be impacted if the meeting is hybrid or fully online?
Yes, one can expect some impact, but at this time, we are planning on a physical/hybrid meeting and all workshops/tutorials are still planned to take place as scheduled.

Will workshop deadlines be extended?
This is unlikely, but you should check the individual workshop webpages.

If I am a workshop/tutorial organizer, should I be doing anything about remote attendance?
The CVPR 2020 organizing team is working on multiple technology solutions for the meeting and workshop organizers should NOT be pursuing independent technology solutions at this time. If you have ideas or good contacts in the space, please contact the Workshop Chairs. Workshops should be focusing on their own programmatic issues, not the technology for delivery.

I have questions not listed above, whom should I contact?

  • ●  For registration questions, contact .

  • ●  Exhibitors and potential exhibitors should visit for

    updates and contact information.

  • ●  Media should contact

    Check back here for updates, which will be posted as they become available.