CVPR20 FAQ, updated May 5, 2020

CVPR20 FAQ, updated May 5, 2020

FAQ’s Virtual CVPR

For all attendees

1.  How much does it cost to attend?
CVPR virtual pricing is shown [here]. Registering early ensures you will receive the lowest rate. You can also join one of the sponsoring organizations to register at a preferential rate. 

2.  What is the rationale for the virtual event pricing?
While hosting a virtual event eliminates some organizer expenses, such as food and beverages, it also creates new expenses that the co-sponsors must cover to ensure a vibrant interactive experience for attendees. 

Furthermore, CVPR made financial commitments in Seattle years in advance, and faces significant costs unwinding these. The sponsoring organizations are both non-profits and are committed to ensuring that CVPR is financially sustainable. To help keep costs down, both sponsors waived all fees this year.

We will continue to provide a world-class event as a virtual experience. As well, we will continue to improve upon the online experience and in the future will offer a remote attendance option in a hybrid conference model.  

3.  How will the CVPR experience be different as a virtual event? What can I expect as an attendee to the virtual event?
CVPR is working with a vendor to develop the experience to provide many of the key aspects of the CVPR in-person conference. We will offer pre-recorded oral sessions, fire-side chats, poster sessions, workshops and tutorials, with a significant emphasis on making sure we have support for live chat and Q&A sessions. We will also offer networking and recruiting opportunities. Many of our exhibitors and sponsors will showcase new technologies and will be actively recruiting.

4.  Will the virtual event be accessible from any country?
CVPR has selected a platform that should work in any country.  We are working diligently to ensure a robust event accessible by anyone who wants to attend. We are also working on the schedule so that the live features are more accessible in varying time zones.

5.  Will Virtual Registrations still be valid for author’s papers to be published?
Yes, a virtual registration will still cover paper authors. The rules still apply that one author must be registered for a paper to be published. 

6.  What will the schedule be?
Main Conference -
Oral Sessions Program -
Tutorials –
Workshops -

7.  Can I access this when the event is over?
Once the event is complete, we will publish videos, papers and other presentation materials on the CVF website and IEEE Explore in the coming months. The live aspects of the event will follow the published schedule and will not be recorded. The content of text-based and video-based chats will not be saved after the event.

8.  Do I have to attend the entire event?
No, once registered, you can attend all sessions (orals, posters, keynotes), tutorials and workshops shown in the program, but which sessions you attend is at your discretion. However, we will not offer one day or two day passes to the virtual event.

9.  What will CVPR do to ensure a safe environment?
The same code of conduct applies to the online event.  This can be found hereViolations should be reported to the conference ombud ( All reports will be treated confidentially.

10.  How do you find the sessions?
We will have a clear map of all sessions much like the program guide. There will be a tool to search keywords, authors and titles as well. You will be able to browse the content before the event goes live and put sessions, posters, etc into your calendar so that you have a clear outline of what to see and when to see it.

11.  What technology do I need to attend?
You will need a computer or mobile device and networking/WiFi to experience CVPR.  More details will be announced shortly.

12.  How do I register and log-on?
You must still register here.  You will be given log-on instructions prior to the event. Please note that your logon information is just like your badge at the conference.  Anyone caught sharing the same registration will immediately be removed from the online event and could be excluded from future CVPR events. You will be held responsible for any code of conduct violations that occur under your registration as well. 

13.  Can I ask questions during sessions?
Yes! There will be a live Q&A session for each session and paper.  There will be an online assistant to help with any system/tool questions you may have as well. 

14.  Is there funding to participate? 
At this time we do not have volunteer opportunities. We will update this if funding becomes available. 

15.  Will there be exhibits and/or recruiting events?
Yes! We are working to include our exhibitors and sponsors in a meaningful way based on their individual needs.  We will post information from our exhibitors and sponsors and how they may be participating. Many of our exhibitors have expressed excitement about meeting and recruiting talent at CVPR. 

16.  Will there be networking events?
Yes! We understand that one of the biggest benefits of attending CVPR is the in-person networking and collaboration. We will provide opportunities for this online as well. 

17.  What if I’ve made hotel reservations or purchased airline tickets?
You are responsible for your own hotel and airline arrangements, including rescheduling and cancellations. 

18.  Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact Nicole Finn for general information.  Questions about presenting instructions, paper formats, etc can be found on the website.