CVPR20 FAQ, updated June 12th, 2020

CVPR20 FAQ, updated June 12th, 2020

How to Prep for CVPR Virtual

1.  What technology do I need to attend?
You will need a computer and networking/WiFi to experience CVPR. You may access via mobile device as well, but it will not be optimal on a small screen. We suggest you download Zoom to participate in the live aspects of the event. 

2.  How do I register and log-on?
Registration is required and may be completed here.  Conference access may be delayed by up to four (4) hours if you register on or after June 13th. 

Registered attendees may now access or at in China  with your registered email address and conference registration id. This was emailed to you with instructions and you also have it on your registration confirmation page.

*Important Troubleshooting Tips:

· If you registered after 2PM MDT on June 13, you may experience a delay getting access.

· If your ID Number is not recognized, select “reset password”.

· If your email address is not recognized, it may be due to a late registration or it does not match completely. Be sure to use the email address you used to register for the conference.

· The “login” at the top left will not appear after you are logged in. If it reappears, login again.

· You are only able to login using one device at a time.

Please note that your log-in information is just like your badge at the conference.  Anyone caught sharing the same registration will immediately be removed from the online event and could be excluded from future CVPR events. You may only be logged in on one device at time with your user ID.  You will be held responsible for any code of conduct violations that occur under your registration as well. 

3. Will the virtual event be available from any country?
We have worked diligently to ensure a robust event available in any country. We have also established the schedule so that the live features are more accessible in varying time zones. See below for the schedule.

4.  What will the schedule be?
All times listed are PDT.  The live Q&A sessions for the papers will also be live again +12 hours from the original scheduled time to allow for varying time zones. This allows you two possible opportunities to discuss papers with the authors. This is outlined in the schedule posted below. The workshops and tutorials set their own schedule. Please check their individual websites for any information.  

5.  Can I access conference content when the event is over?
Once the event is complete, we will publish videos, papers and other presentation materials on the CVF website and/or IEEE Explore in the coming months.  The live aspects of the event will follow the published schedule and will not be recorded. The content of text-based and video-based chats will not be saved after the event. 

6.  Do I have to attend the entire event?
No. Once registered, you can attend all sessions (orals, posters, fireside chats, tutorials and workshops) shown in the program at your discretion. You can jump between sessions at your discretion.

7.  What is CVPR doing to ensure a safe environment?
The same Code of Conduct applies to the online event. Violations should be reported to the conference ombud ( All reports will be treated confidentially.

8.  How do you find the sessions?
We will have a clear map of all sessions much like the program guide. There will be a tool to search keywords, authors and titles as well. You will be able to browse the content before the event goes live and put sessions, posters, etc. into your calendar so that you have a clear outline of what to see and when to see it.

9.  Can I ask questions during sessions?
Yes! There will be a live Q&A session for each session and paper; however, questions for the  fireside chats were collected prior to recording. There will be an online assistant to help with any system/tool questions you may have as well. 

10.  Will there be exhibits and/or recruiting events?
Yes! You can see our list of sponsors/exhibitors here. They will have their own unique pages on the virtual site and their own schedules.  Please visit their pages and attend their events for networking and recruiting opportunities and to see the great work they are doing in the computer vision industry.

11.  Will there be networking events?
Yes! We understand that one of the biggest benefits of attending CVPR is the in-person networking and collaboration. Meet fellow attendees during three dedicated networking timeslots:

  • 6/16  7pm-8pm PDT
  • 6/17 9am-10am PDT
  • 6/18 1pm-2pm PDT 

 If you are interested in scheduling an event, contact our Social Events Chair, Prabhu Pradhan

12.  Who do I contact if I have additional questions or issues?
If you have issues with the virtual platform, email

Contact Nicole Finn for general information. 

Contact for media inquiries.