Inclusion Statement

The CVPR community is strongly committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion.  There is no place for hatred and discrimination in the CVPR community or elsewhere.  We believe that no-one should pass racism and injustice by in silence. We are appalled by the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others, and by the burden of racism that the Black community shoulders to this day.

We are committed to making real improvements. We're proud that CVPR 20 already has workshops and tutorials with equity, diversity, and inclusion in mind. These spring from the organic efforts of the vision community.

CVPR 20 has added diversity and inclusion chairs and CVPR 21 will do the same.  But we believe that the community’s leadership should do more.  We want to see, at least:

- all future CVPRs including diversity and inclusion chairs as part of their organizing committees;

- workshops and tutorials that examine problems in equity, diversity and inclusion from a technical perspective;

- workshops and tutorials that examine and expose possible social damage flowing from computer vision technologies;

- regular networking events at CVPR that are specifically aimed at building and nurturing networks to support communities that are currently not well represented at CVPR;

- travel and registration support for students from communities that do not traditionally come to CVPR.

CVPR 21 organizers have committed to piloting these actions, and we hope to see a motion at the PAMI-TC in 2021 that requires all future CVPR meetings to adopt them.