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CVPR 2020 will be the foremost computer vision event of the year. With in-depth workshops, research presentations, demonstrations and exhibits on the most exciting advances in computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence, it is the field’s must-attend event for researchers, academia, exhibitors and media alike to learn about and share the latest and most innovative developments within the computer vision community.  

Media Pass Application

Attend CVPR 2020 as an Official Member of the Media

The IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Vision Foundation welcome official members of the media at CVPR 2020. But due to high demand, complimentary media passes will be available on a limited basis, and only issued to working members of the press, analysts, and select representatives from known and established media organizations, who are on assignment.

Applicants must complete and submit the application form, meet certain criteria, and provide required documentation to receive a media registration. Please see below for details.

For Print, Trade and Newswire Reporters, please provide:

(Publishers and copy/content editors do not qualify for media passes nor do individuals in executive management, administration, and/or research.)

For Broadcast TV/Radio Reporters, Producers and Camera/Sound Crews, please provide:

  • A link to the station’s website that shows the applicant’s name listed as part of the reporting team or a copy of a business card with applicant’s name, title and station name.

For Online Publications & Blogs, please provide:

(Sponsored bloggers, bloggers for company pages, personal website writers, consultants who blog as a means to promote their business, designers, and public relations professionals do not qualify for media passes)

For Freelance Reporters, please provide: 

  • A letter or email from the editor or senior member of the editorial team on company letterhead or from an official email address stating the applicant is covering CVPR 2020 on assignment for the specific publication.
  • Examples of three articles on computer vision-related topics authored by the applicant and published within the last six months (articles must be original content).

(Marketing, public relations, or other industry executives who contribute bylined articles to news outlets do not qualify for media passes.)

For Industry Analysts, please provide:

  • A link or copy of a bylined, published report related to the computer vision industry and published within the last six months.

(Analysts and consultants who develop client-only or private-use reports for their own firm or another firm do not qualify for media passes.)

Media passes will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to robust interest in CVPR and capacity restrictions, CVPR media registrations may be closed prior to the conference. IEEE Computer Society staff encourage interested members of the media to register as soon as possible to ensure admittance. 

Members of the IEEE Computer Society staff will review all submissions to ensure criteria is met and required documentation submitted. Status of your media pass request will be provided via email by May 13, 2020.

Please note that acceptance to previous CVPR events does not necessarily guarantee acceptance to CVPR 2020. We reserve the right to refuse media passes without cause. 

Get the CVPR Information and Latest News to Support Your Content Needs

CVPR 2020 will provide you with the resources and access to the latest news and information on the computer vision industry to drive and support your content needs.

On-Site Media Center

The Media Center will be open to all media pass holders as an on-site workspace. The location and hours of the Media Center will be made available closer to the event.

Please note that the Media Center is for working press with media passes. The Media Center may be used by exhibitors only when accompanied by a member of the media.

Speaker’s Bureau

Media may request interviews with a member of the IEEE Computer Society’s Speaker’s Bureau, which includes experts on all Computer Vision related topics. To request an interview, please email Kathie Mansfield at with your request being sure to indicate the topic, deadline, and publication for which you are requesting the interview.



Kathie Mansfield